Welcome To Disabled Animal Lovers

The Disabled Birders Association has now changed its name and has moved. It is still going strong under the zealous guardianship of Bo Beolens (that’s Mr Richard Crombet-Beolens – Founder -  to those in the know), and is now called Birding For All, and can be found online at www.birdingforall.com. It remains open for free membership, and has members all over the world, both members with disabilities and a large number who do not. It has proven particularly popular in the USA. It remains a stalwart to its maxim: that ‘good design that gives access to people with mobility problems gives improved access to everybody’.

This site pays homage to the Disabled Birders Association for the mission that they have started. The last decade has seen a seismic change in the outlook of people with disabilities, and the internet, and sites like Birding For All is helping with the information networks. The Olympic Games and the Paralympics of 2012 in London showed to the world a new beginning in understanding and appreciation of the potentiality of people with disabilities – long may it continue. We support Bo Beolens and Birding For All in their endeavours and activities.